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Scapegoating / Shame / Blame / Denial

  When we scapegoat, we project what is dark, shameful, and denied about ourselves onto others. This “shadow” side of our personality, as Carl Jung called it, represents hidden or wounded aspects of ourselves, “the thing a person has no wish to be,” and acts in a complementary and often compensatory manner to our persona or public mask, “what oneself as well as others think one is.” ...Sylvia Brinton Perera in her book, The Scapegoat Complex, writes: “We apply the term “scapegoat” to individuals and groups who are accused of causing misfortune. This serves to relieve others, the scapegoaters, of their own responsibilities, and to strengthen the scapegoaters' sense of power and righteousness. Scapegoating…means finding the one or ones who can be identified with evil or wrong-doing, blamed for it, and cast out of the community in order to leave the remaining members with a feeling of guiltlessness.” The tyrannical force of scapegoating, with its cruel thrusts of accusatory judgments,

Notes on my Employer’s Abuse of Power - My Case

  Notes on my Employer’s Abuse of Power - My Case I confronted their paranoid false beliefs. I should've known better than to treat a paranoid. I raised profoundly disturbing questions The Program is based on a culture of fear and secrecy. I ended up with Professional Suicide by going to HR and then the College with this issue. I only encountered Perversions in the course of seeking Justice The Managers we laid a complaint against were the same as the ones who fired me. Dismissals are deviations from the usual reasons for terminations when the individual is fired for mere trivial reasons, false or incredible reasons.   I have been giving a voice to victims of abuse my entire career The slandering lynch mob within this program has spoken. There is obviously no commitment to change this incompetent oppressive toxic culture Trapped in their self-defeating sense of untouchable superiority. They violated upholding policy and legal expectations They do not repre

My Own Whistleblowing in an Narcissistic Workplace Culture:

  My Own Whistleblowing in an Narcissistic Workplace Culture:  It is hard to be optimistic about the role of advocacy in social care organizations – whether private or public.  They have all found increasingly effective ways of defending themselves against both insiders and outsiders, who are being perceived as "the enemy" AKA  those who speak Truth to their delusional, corrupt Power. They use gagging clauses in employment contracts; improve skills in public relations; and develop managerial cultures based only on loyalty to the organization, rather than any duties, or professional integrity / responsibiliy they have to clients, families or the public.   The whistleblower is presented with a false outer face by the organization that professes to value his or her activities, but behind this phony mask is  an inner face that is increasingly hostile and vindictive and getting considerably cleverer at hiding their malicious behavior at dealing with any dissidents. Democracy is in

Dr. Gabrielle Horne - Halifax, Nova Scotia - Corporate Hubris - Cultist Delusions - Projections of their own Evil

  Physician, heal thyself: the potential crisis of conscience in Canadian medicine GABRIELLE HORNE CONTRIBUTED TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL PUBLISHED MAY 31, 2019UPDATED MAY 31, 2019 PUBLISHED MAY 31, 2019 This article was published more than 1 year ago. Some information in it may no longer be current. 39 COMMENTS SHARE   TEXT SIZE BOOKMARK Open this photo in gallery Cardiologist Dr. Gabrielle Horne at the Cobequid Community Health Centre in Lower Sackville, N.S. on May 30, 2019. DARREN CALABRESE/THE GLOBE AND MAIL Gabrielle Horne is a cardiologist and researcher at Dalhousie University and the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax. She also has a Master of Fine Art in creative nonfiction from the University of King’s College and is writing a book about her experiences. “I’m really sorry,” I said, picking the magnifying glass off the floor and checking it wasn’t cracked. “I think it’s okay.” It was my third day on the witness stand, testifying against doctors fr

Letter regarding my previous Employer after entering the Promised Land of My Retirement

  My search for Autonomy and Dignity in my Work-Life these past 38 years in the context of the EVIL that is the ‘Mental Health System’ of this city.     It was expected of me, as a professional Registered Nurse, nothing more or nothing less, to submit to a strict Obedience to do what I was told to do, to take orders, to remain always in voiceless Servitude, Oppression, and Enslavement.    All they wanted me to do was to OBEY and submit to their Narcissistic , Hubris Control !!! It’s not just the staff that they wanted strict obedience from but also every suffering citizen who came to them for support and care.   Anyone suffering from a mental disturbance before entering their world of malicious control would ONLY receive mental cruelty and violence upon admission to their various programs. If they tell you to stand, then you must stand.   Sit when you are told to sit. They want you to give up entirely being you, your core identity.   You are nothing more than a piece of