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Psychogenesis of Narcissism

Another clear and concise Article, that I  have found useful over the years  on understanding those that are still essentially developmentally arrested, immature,  lack enough self-awareness to self- regulate in a healthy mature adult manner, unable to move forward,  instead driven more my completely unconscious urges, otherwise known  as sins, unresolved, always paralysed in ambivalence from past  traumas and memories.  Review any profile of the characteristics of Satan and it fit with these individuals. That is why they are unauthentic, duplicitous, fabricators, pretenders who are master manipulators and exploitive of others. They are habitual liars, Living a Life of Lies in a False Self, stumbling around blind and ignorant, always addicted to something,  power and control for sure and all the evils of destruction and violence towards others and themselves. Self-integrity, Holism, Authenticity, Individualism, and "To Be".......  are but some of the goals for each of us