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Notes on the Narcissists Smear Campaigns

Narcissists & Psychopaths in Your Family - Surviving their Smear Campaign What is a smear campaign? What is a narcissistic smear campaign? If you've ever been unfortunate enough to be targeted by a malignant narcissist,  or group of unified narcissists, then you already know what it is. For those of you who don't know, a smear campaign is when the narcissist[s] attempts to cause you problems, turn other people against you, and basically ruin your life with lies. They might tell other people you are crazy, that you are abusive, that you are a drug user, a bad parent... whatever is the exact opposite of what you actually are. It's important to pay attention to exactly which lies they are telling, because these lies typically reveal their underlying rationale. Whatever they are trying to destroy about you is the thing they are jealous of. For example: If they are telling everyone you are a bad parent, it is because the narcissist sees you as a better parent than

A Bully in the Workplace - Basic Concepts

A Bully in the workplace           Basic Concepts The Bully is at the source of stress. They are the trigger,  the stressor. How the Body and Mind respond to this (these) stressors determines the extent of damage inflicted. The sequence of Biological stress is well known. There are three stages: 1. The Alarm: The turning on of the body's defense systems that are designed to be brief for it is truly widespread in its effect through the body. It enables the ‘flight or fight’ response in the face of danger both physical and psychological. The body reacts the same to fright from the impending pounce of a tiger as it does to the insult from of Workplace Bully.  Alarm triggers the sympathetic nervous system and the Releases of Adrenaline, in addition to many other functions. 2. Resistance. The maintenance of an alert stage of the body. Resistance to the bully and all that that this requires depletes the body's defenses. If you stay in Resistance too long, the body

Workplace Bullying - Nature and Characteristics

Workplace Bullying Intro Bullying is constant criticism , nitpicking , faultfinding , refusal to value , undermining , being singled out , isolated , excluded , marginalized , overruled , belittled , humiliated , threatened, overloaded , your work and credit for it is stolen , responsibility increased but authority is taken away , v acation r equest refused , training denied , unrealistic goals and deadlines , hypocrisy , duplicity , fabrication , distortion , twisting everything you say and do , abuse of disciplinary processes and procedures , verbal and written warnings for trivial or fabricated reasons , coercion in to early or ill - health retirement , unfair dismissal . Embittered by a background of being victimized in an abusive relationship themselves they go out into the world seething with resentment . The serial bully displays an obsessive , compulsive and self-gratifying urged t