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So why would you go No Contact with the Narcissist

  So why would you go no contact with the Narcissist you have enabled and have allowed them to exploit you: Everything about them is fake, and nothing is real Everything about them is a fa├žade. They have no integrity It is all performance and no substance It is all manipulation and exploitation and no sincerity Everything is toxicity with no apologies I need to ask the question why does someone who is supposed to love me: lie, cheat, steal, use, abuse,   neglect, ignore, manipulate, triangulate, exploit, disrespect, disregard, discard, abandon, make little to no effort, responds to your pain with indifference, enjoys watching you struggle, enjoy your misery and resent your happiness. Having No Contact - your benefits: free time, more energy, self-respect, healthy boundaries, peace of mind, health and well-being, serenity, more time with decent, adult, well-balanced, mature people who love and cherish you.