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Corporate Narcissism - Corporate Psychopaths

The Impact of Narcissism on Leadership and Sustainability Bruce Gregory, Ph.D. © 1999 In our society, the self focus known as narcissism interferes with and ultimately undermines leadership and efforts towards sustainability. This chapter will define the problem, address some of the skills necessary to interface effectively and proactively with individuals exhibiting narcissism, and offer alternatives for positive transformations and sustainability. INTRODUCTION THE SOURCE OF NARCISSISM FACTORS ENABLING NARCISSISM TO SABOTAGE SUSTAINABILITY RECOGNIZING NARCISSISM IN ACTION INTERACTING EFFECTIVELY WITH NARCISSISM FORCES SKILLS FOR DEALING WITH NARCISSISM LEADERS WHO FOUGHT NARCISSISTIC FORCES CONCLUSION About Bruce Gregory INTRODUCTION As we explore ways of achieving sustainability on a variety of levels, it can be instructive to consider, understand and appreciate some of the forces which hinder its realization. While sustainability utilizes mutual respect and an att