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Understanding Narcissistic Shame - Excellent Article on SHAME

Is There a Relationionship Between Narcissism and Shame? Understanding Narcissistic Shame: It is important to understand that narcissists have difficulties auto-regulating their shame, the reason for that is because most of the time their “shame” is unconscious and unrecognizable to them.  I believe that this may well be the cornerstone of their disorder, and the reason that many victims fall foul of their rage.  In order to bolster themselves from shame, the narcissist hides behind a mask of grandiosity, but if you shame them, and cause that mask to slip, you will become a victim of their rage.  Rage comes in many forms (from mild irritation, aloofness, serious outbursts, to violence) , but all pertain to the same important thing, revenge. Shame has long been recognized as a defense mechanism against humiliation, and that it is central to the experience of the   self  (whether being taunted or admired).  However, to-day’s theorists are realizing that there is a direct relat