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My own Experience of Group Narcissistic Mobbing at a previous Worksite

     A few notes from my once toxic past regarding a previous sadistic employer and the many minions that enabled and did the dirty work to terminate my career and ruin my reputation after my exposing / reporting on a series of patient assaults over many months by a co-worker with friends in high places.   It was a political vendetta for refusing to keep this one secret of the Program’s, many, many secrets. It was hate speech in an echo chamber. They have denied my humanity and dignity with impunity.   What do you think they do to the public they are supposed to serve? What could be a more basic act of patient advocacy then reporting physical abuse of your own patients by a colleague? It is all about controlling the narrative of smear and lies against me to defect, deceive and distort the truth of their own responsibility and culpability of overt patient abuse that was entirely condoned.   It was obvious when I first came to this region that the Mental Health Program wa