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Narcissistic Individuals and N Groups are the same Villains

The Greatest Show on Earth – the Narcissist’s fa├žade or false self! The impenetrable wall behind that MASK and the rage that protects it! If you have ever tried to understand, empathize, or even help a Narcissist, you know it is futile because the closer you get to the truth or the heart of the ANY problem or matter at hand, the closer you get to things blowing up in your face and perhaps being raged at. The Narcissist doesn’t want their issues to be solved, they prefer to blame others for their problems – THEY HAVE NO ISSUES, you and I are the ones that have issues! No matter how viable or good your concern or solution may be, or how much unconditional love and support you offer - when you share it with a Narcissist, they will either dismiss it, find reasons why it doesn’t work or say the true problem lies elsewhere. It is their defense mechanism or denial as well as a diversion tactic. Blame energizes them and keeps them at a distance from the reality of their true issues. They ar